AIWF in Action (2001-2021)

20 Years of AIWF

About Us

Timeline of AIWF's initiatives, activities and outreach (2001-2021)

AIWF, as an NGO Member of the UN Global Compact, is committed to integrating the SDGs into the programming of all its conferences, initiatives, and activities. Our events and initiatives are designed to identify and explore new opportunities for women leaders in business and in public service, from the MENA region and internationally, and to work closely and collaboratively with stakeholders at all levels to deliver actionable, impact-oriented recommendations and solutions to the barriers and challenges women and young people face in a rapidly-changing and uncertain future world of work.

From our earliest days AIWF has prioritised education, sustainability, entrepreneurship, gender parity, job creation, and MENA economic growth, progress and prosperity as our priority areas for action. We have consistently addressed the job creation crisis in a region with the worst youth unemployment rates in the world. We have bridged economic and financial inclusion, societal, digital skills, and gender equality gaps which are prevalent in the MENA region, and many other regions. And we have become a truly global organisation, with a strong Arab, UK, Europe, US and Asian base of longstanding members and institutional alliances.