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The Arab International Women's Forum was founded in London in 2001 by Haifa Al Kaylani to support women's economic empowerment and leadership, and advance youth engagement in the MENA region and globally

From our base in London and from the heart of the MENA Region, AIWF convenes global and emerging leaders from government, public service, business, civil society, academia and media to create an Arab world where women are empowered to make a positive impact as equals and as leaders, in their communities, in grassroots advocacy, in parliament, in the economy, and in societal development overall.

Working closely with our Global Partners, collaboratively with our international institutional partners, and across cultures with our global member base, AIWF facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue and drives action to help women and young leaders unlock their full potential and exercise their agency in the MENA Region through education, economic empowerment, and leadership development. We work to:

01 Raise awareness and amplify emerging voices
02 Shape an impactful agenda for women and youth
03 Drive collaborative action on development challenges

Latest News


AIWF President & Founder Haifa Al Kaylani speaks with Badr Jafar for ‘The Business of Philanthropy’ podcast

AIWF is proud to share that AIWF President & Founder Haifa Al Kaylani was invited recently to speak with Badr Jafar, Founding Patron of the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy at the University of Cambridge, for the outstanding ‘The Business of Philanthropy’ podcast and video series of conversations hosted by Badr Jafar exploring the changing nature of philanthropy within and from the high-growth regions of the world. The discussions are part of a limited series conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, which was established at the University of Cambridge in 2020.

During their conversation, Badr Jafar and Haifa Al Kaylani discussed the vital role of women in economic, political, and social development in the Arab region; the urgent need to engage with youth as the future of the MENA region; and specifically, why we need to empower women in all sectors and why women and young people should be encouraged to set up their own SMEs, NGOs and social enterprises.

You can watch the discussion on YouTube or tune into the podcast here.

Four Key Tracks for International Advocacy & Action

AIWF Global Partners

For AIWF, our partnerships are at the heart of the way we work. We are proud to have the continued confidence and support of our Benefactor Partner PepsiCo and our Global Partners Pfizer and PwC. These long-term partnerships have enabled AIWF to deliver influence and impact throughout the MENA Region for twenty years.

AIWF Leadership

AIWF’s work is overseen by a Board currently consisting of the President and Founder, the Chair of the Executive Committee, and Board Members from diverse sectors, each bringing a wealth of expertise to the organisation. Of our current Board, 14 Members are female and 3 are male.

AIWF Impact Series

We bring the Arab world’s best and brightest thought leaders, business greats and rising stars together with their counterparts in the international community

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