AIWF Webinar Series 2020

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a need for all states to ‘build back better’ which could, if leveraged correctly, drive gender equality in the region and unleash women’s potential to contribute to economic prosperity

AIWF, like all organisations worldwide, transitioned to a virtual-only programme through 2020, bringing key stakeholders together to initiate vital dialogue and facilitate meaningful connections that will power new projects, new strategies, initiatives and ideas to navigate the challenges of the region. To address critical challenges for development and inclusion in the MENA AIWF was deeply focused on working with our global advocacy partners, from our governmental, corporate and institutional networks, and reaching across sectors, spheres and regions to build a strong programme of virtual events. The recordings of the nine AIWF Webinar Series 2020, which were chaired by AIWF President & Founder Haifa Al Kaylani, are available on our YouTube channel and also below.