The AIWF Impact Circle

Join the AIWF Impact Circle

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur, academic, with a for-profit, non-profit, or civil society, or higher education organisation who has a shared commitment to AIWF’s values and mission we invite you to join the Arab International Women’s Forum as a member of the AIWF Impact Circle.

The Impact Circle is AIWF’s Membership Programme, a platform from which members’ contributions to the AIWF mission can be amplified, showcased and role modelled. AIWF, as a convenor of the region’s best and brightest, brings people together to spark new ideas, partnerships, and collaboration.

In all that we do, AIWF aims to shine a brighter light on sustainability issues that deeply affect the Arab world, including gender equality, youth empowerment, food and water security, education, poverty, digital inclusion, and climate action. Our members are personally and professionally committed to working collaboratively and at all levels to innovate new and inclusive solutions to some of the Arab world’s most salient development challenges impacting women and young people.

Key Constituencies

The AIWF Impact Circle is comprised of four key constituencies: companies, civil society organisations, individuals, and academics. All AIWF constituencies play an active role in promoting empowerment and leadership for women and young leaders in the Arab region.

AIWF brings these constituencies together to create opportunities for valuable multi-stakeholder dialogue and networking, to foster new business partnerships, and promote success stories and milestone appointments and achievements of women in the region.

Members of the AIWF Impact Circle include representatives of government departments, major multinational corporations, start-ups, social enterprises, non-profit and civil society organisations, international development and financial institutions, leading law firms, consultancies, banks and other financial entities, and world-class universities based in the MENA region and globally.

Membership Options

Individual Membership £100 per annum

Corporate / Institutional Membership £500 per annum for up to 3 named members (who must be executives or employees of that organization)
* Global Corporate Partners including PepsiCo, Pfizer, and PwC enjoy uncapped complimentary membership for their employees in both the MENA region and worldwide

Academic / Student Membership £25 per annum

Memberships are set to auto-renew on an annual basis; to cancel auto-renew at any time, simply email us anytime before your renewal date.

Why join the AIWF Impact Circle?

Priority invitations for you and your guests to attend AIWF and partner virtual and in-person events
These include all AIWF and partner events and initiatives, virtually and in-person, built around learning and engagement in the different countries and regions we are active in, including in all Arab States, the UK, Europe, the United States, and Asia. AIWF Impact Circle members are regularly invited to speak at our own and our partner conferences and events (both virtual and in-person), and we often extend invitations received from major conference organisers to our members who are a good fit for the event in question, thereby increasing member visibility and profiles.

Highly targeted networking and B2B opportunities
AIWF connects our members with their counterparts in the Arab region and internationally, creating valuable opportunities for our members to interact with like-minded people and prominent leaders in their fields to share knowledge, contacts, and experiences, but also to open doors for potential collaborations and new business partnerships. Whilst lockdown restrictions are in place, we regularly offer virtual and highly interactive Roundtables that connect business owners from the MENA and beyond with a shared interest in a specific sector, issue, or subject. Once lockdown restrictions have lifted, we will again be hosting Annual Conferences, seminars, and other initiatives, with events alternating between London and major Arab capital cities.

Visibility for your professional achievements, thought leadership, and company / organization milestones
As an AIWF member you can benefit from visibility on our website, newsletter, and social media platforms (AIWF is active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). We regularly promote our members’ awards, recognition, and thought leadership and support our members by showcasing their successes and the value of their work within our global advocacy network, helping to create valuable visibility for women leaders in the region and inspiring the next generation in the process.

Discounted rates, complimentary access, and scholarship opportunities for Impact Circle members to attend world-leading executive education courses and training programmes
AIWF partners with major universities and course providers to offer Impact Circle members special rates, reduced course fees, and complimentary access for executive education courses, entrepreneurship and business growth workshops, certificated microlearning opportunities, and other accredited skills-building programmes. We also work closely with the organisers of major prizes and scholarship programmes to bring opportunities for recognition and continued professional development to our Impact Circle members.

Join Now

AIWF Members enjoy a wealth of international networking benefits, priority invitations to AIWF and partner events, initiatives and conferences, and unique opportunities to meet fellow leaders in business, government, entrepreneurship, public service, the professions, academia, and the international development community, from across the MENA region and globally.

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AIWF Impact Circle members can enrol in one or more of the following AIWF programmes:

The Young Arab Women Leaders programme for young professionals under 35

AIWF Impact Circle members under the age of 35 can enrol in our Young Arab Women Leaders programme, which offers specialised support, mentoring, networking meetings, and exclusive training opportunities for young professionals and academics aspiring to progress in their careers and to entrepreneurs who are starting up or scaling up. This programme honours the AIWF track on youth empowerment, which prioritises youth employment and entrepreneurship, young women’s leadership, business and soft skills-building, civic engagement and youth advocacy, youth-led innovation, and social enterprise.

The AIWF Women’s Leadership Initiative, a capacity-building leadership development programme for women in public service, international development and global business

AIWF Impact Circle members who qualify can enrol in the AIWF Women’s Leadership programme, which offers specialised capacity-building support, exclusive workshops and Roundtable meetings, and high-level networking opportunities for senior executives (Board/CXO level), women leaders in public service, government, international development, the professions, and civil society. This programme is linked with the AIWF Gender Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion track, which includes all our work on gender equality in the private, public and third sectors, on inclusive gender-neutral workplace policy, workforce integration, and improving private sector-led MENA labour market representation of women from entry to executive level.

The AIWF Women in Academia Initiative, a capacity-building and networking programme for women in education

AIWF Impact Circle members who qualify can enrol in the AIWF Women in Academia programme, which offers specialised capacity-building support, exclusive workshops and Roundtable meetings, and valuable, highly targeted networking opportunities for faculty, higher education executives, postgraduate students and early career researchers. This programme is linked with the AIWF Future of Work track, under which falls all our work on future of work challenges, upskilling and reskilling for technological change, digitisation and the digital divide, automation, AI and the need to link education more closely with industry to create a future-ready MENA workforce.

The AIWF Women in STEM Initiative, a capacity-building and networking programme for women in sustainability, STEM and the digital economy

AIWF Impact Circle members who qualify can enrol in the AIWF Women in Sustability & STEM programme, which offers specialised capacity-building support, exclusive workshops and Roundtable meetings, and valuable, highly targeted networking opportunities for women leading change in sustainability, STEM and digital economy innovation. This programme is linked with the AIWF Women in Sustainability, STEM & Digital Economy track, which includes all AIWF work on climate action, food/water/energy, digital agriculture, environment, and STEM in the context of women-led sustainability innovation.