AIWF Special Visit to Morocco: A unique business and networking delegation

AIWF Special Visit to Morocco: A unique business and networking delegation 21 April 2017

Following the highly successful AIWF Special Visit to Italy in March 2016, and further to an exciting invitation received from the MEC Maghreb Invest Team in the UK, AIWF was proud to host a second AIWF Special Visit in April 2017 which delivered unique 5-day networking and business exchange opportunities in Morocco for AIWF members and key contacts. The trip took place from Sunday 16 April to Friday 21 April 2017, and brought business women leaders from the UK, Europe and the Arab world together with their counterparts in Morocco.

The itinerary for the AIWF Special Visit included a number of exclusive business visits, exciting cultural experiences, B2B meetings, networking dinners and VIP attendance at key Moroccan exhibitions and conferences on agribusiness and education, as well as a special invitation for delegates to attend AIWF’s 9th Young Arab Women Leaders Conference which was scheduled to overlap with the Special Visit and took place at the Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace in Fez on Tuesday 18 April 2017.

As with the highly successful visit to Italy last year, AIWF Special Visit Delegates enjoyed opportunities to meet and interact with Moroccan executives, entrepreneurs and academics, and to connect with distinguished guests from government and the diplomatic service, accomplished members of the Moroccan business and social enterprise community, and leading figures from Arab, European and international development organisations.

In addition to enhancing networks, the visit was designed to enrich understanding of the business, political, social and civil society structures in Morocco, with an eye towards understanding and learning from the successes that have been reached in various sectors and by Moroccan women leaders and innovators, especially in the areas of tech entrepreneurship, social enterprise, education and agribusiness. AIWF warmly acknowledges and greatly appreciates the full and invaluable support of the MEC Maghreb Invest Team in organising the itinerary for the AIWF Special Visit to Morocco, and extends a very special acknowledgment to Varun Beverages in Morocco for its kind support and sponsorship of the delegation events and hospitality.