Oualae Alami

Oualae Al Alami
Dr Oualae Al Alami is Vice President, Cluster Lead for Egypt, Levant, Iraq and Iran Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group

Oualae leads the Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Group across Egypt, Levant, Iraq and Iran. With her team, she focuses on building sustainable partnerships that recognize the value of innovation in research-based medicines. Under her leadership, Pfizer partners with a variety of stakeholders to establish positive frameworks for innovation to flourish. She aims to expand availability and access to novel medicine and innovative healthcare solutions while strengthening capacity and capabilities of health care systems via various initiatives.

Oualae works closely with both public and private organizations to reach consensus around policies and strategies to achieve health care priorities in various fields like Vaccines, Rare diseases, Oncology, Inflammation, Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases and other type of local or regional healthcare priorities. In her previous role, Oualae was the Regional Lead for Oncology in Africa and Middle East. She was instrumental in establishing Pfizer’s oncology organization in Africa and the Middle East and positioned the company as a key player in advancing cancer care in the region, bringing novel medicines and access solutions to patients.

Oualae is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion with a focus on advancing women in leadership. She leads Pfizer’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in Africa and the Middle East and champions ongoing internal and external initiatives to ensure that Pfizer achieves its goal of being the best place for women in the industry to work. She is frequently invited to speak about this topic in regional forums and sits on the Board of the Arab International Women’s Forum and a number of other key regional organizations.

Oualae started her career as a pharmacist in Paris the worked in the marketing division of Novartis France before joining Pfizer in 2004, and she served in a variety of leadership roles across Africa and the Middle East for Pfizer before moving to the regional office in Dubai in 2010. Oualae holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Paris XI University and a Master’s Degree in Business, Management and Health Economics from ESSEC, Paris, France.

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