In Memory of Rania Rizk

The Arab International Women's Forum has paid tribute to the late Rania Rizk, AIWF Co-Chair, distinguished Member of the AIWF Board, and SVP & General Counsel, PepsiCo AMEA, who passed away on Sunday 20 December 2020 in Dubai.

Rania was a sister, mentor and treasured friend to all of us at AIWF. She was wholly devoted to the AIWF mission to break down barriers for women in business, law, and public service. As a distinguished Member of the AIWF Board since 2012 and Co-Chair since 2017, Rania’s contributions to AIWF, her indefatigable energy, and her indomitable positivity and generosity will always be deeply valued, cherished and remembered by all of us who had the great honour of knowing her and working with her.

Rania was a truly wonderful human being. We all keenly miss her presence, her immensely valued expertise, her fierce intellect, her humanity, and her warmth of spirit. We will always remember Rania with the utmost fondness, respect and gratitude for her unwavering commitment to nurturing women’s leadership and empowering young people towards a brighter, more prosperous future. We know that the countless people who Rania mentored, encouraged, and so deeply inspired all over the world, through her work at PepsiCo and in her voluntary devotion to AIWF, have shared in our profound grief over her loss and so many have expressed heartfelt condolences and tributes to Rania’s family and colleagues.

Rania made invaluable contributions throughout the journey of AIWF and we were privileged to have her with us as a cherished member of the AIWF Board. AIWF will honour Rania’s memory by carrying her deeply held values and dedication to achieving a more diverse and equitable working world into all our future programmes and initiatives.

Haifa Al Kaylani
President & Founder
On behalf of the Board of
The Arab International Women’s Forum

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