AIWF and Pfizer to host third session in ‘DEI By Design’ panel series on 21 June 2023

AIWF and Pfizer to host third session in ‘DEI By Design’ panel series on 21 June 2023 7 June 2023

The Arab International Women’s Forum and Pfizer Middle East are delighted to share that we will be hosting the third and final session in our high-level virtual panel series in June 2023, as part of our collaboration titled ‘D&I by Design: Women’s Leadership & Legacy in Health’ and launched in December 2022.

Women’s Leadership and Inclusion in the Innovation Landscape (Clinical Research and Trials), a high-level panel of women leaders in health practice, research, discovery and innovation, will explore the importance of mainstreaming and embedding DEI and women’s leadership and engagement in the innovation landscape, in clinical trials, and in research studies that test medical, surgical, or behavioural interventions in order to develop new medications and other strategies to treat and prevent disease and in turn improve outcomes for women.

This session will be moderated by Faiza Tifour, Algeria Country Head, Pfizer, and will welcome as valued panel speakers:

Khalida Rahal, Medical Lead, Pfizer

Dr Agnes Hamzaoui, Department of Pediatric Respiratory Diseases, Abderrahmen Mami Hospital, Ariana, Tunisia

Dr Safia Debar, who specialises in General Practice and is one of few UK doctors certified to run the Harvard Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART)

Specifically, the panel will discuss:

– Incorporating a gender lens into healthcare innovation and research to develop tailored solutions that address specific female health issues such as reproductive health, pregnancy-related complications, and conditions that predominantly affect women;
– Why promoting diversity and inclusion in clinical trials is crucial to ensuring that interventions and treatments are effective and safe for women. Historically, women have been underrepresented in clinical trials, leading to a lack of evidence-based guidelines specifically designed for their needs;
– Why actively recruiting diverse groups of women, including those from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and socioeconomic statuses, can generate more comprehensive and accurate data to guide medical decision-making;
– Why healthcare sector innovation should prioritise diversity in leadership and research teams to foster an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise, leading to enhanced innovation and the development of solutions that address the needs of diverse populations, including women;
– Why acknowledging gender disparities is key to tailoring healthcare solutions to women’s needs, promoting diversity in clinical trials, and fostering inclusive environments, striving towards a healthcare system that delivers equitable and effective care for all women.

Through this initiative, AIWF and Pfizer aim to create a positive and impactful platform to develop the next generation of women leaders in health, mainstreaming a powerful shift in workplace culture towards true gender parity and encouraging both corporate policy change as well as a decisive shift in the narrative on women’s leadership in health.

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