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“We are thrilled to be working with the Arab International Women’s Forum and hope to highlight the importance and progress of women’s successes in the Arab World”.

-Mr Edmond Moutran, Chairman and CEO of Memac Ogilvy

Signing of AIWF – Memac Ogilvy MOU, Beirut, Lebanon, July 2010

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AIWF Webinar | The OECD Response to the Gender Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis in the MENA

September 09, 2020

On 09 September 2020 The Arab International Women's Forum held the third virtual event in the AIWF Webinar Series 2020, titled 'Building Resilience to Counter Unexpected Shocks: The OECD Response to the Gender Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis in the MENA'.

AIWF Founder & Chairman Haifa Al Kaylani was delighted to introduce the session and to welcome distinguished Keynote Guest Speaker Mr Carlos Conde, Head of the MENA Division, OECD. During the session, Mr Conde elaborated on how, through the key contribution of women, the Arab region can build resilience, wealth and prosperity, and shared some of the recent work of the OECD on women's empowerment in the MENA region. He said, "Women's economic empowerment is at the core of the overall competitiveness reform agenda of the region, and the COVID crises – despite its dramatic impact – is giving us a real opportunity for action." The evolution of the pandemic, he said, was an important variable, but reform in the region would depend greatly on countries' willingness and ability to pursue the right policies. Fundamentally, he said, "the transition out of the crisis provides a new opportunity to further the agenda for resilient, inclusive and sustainable economies."

Mr Conde also acknowledged the key role of AIWF when he said: "It is important to acknowledge the key role that the Arab International Women's Forum has been playing for almost twenty years in the MENA region, in favour of women's empowerment and youth inclusion. The OECD values very much the longstanding co-operation established with the Arab International Women's Forum. Our partnership with AIWF, as well as our collaboration with UN Women, ILO and a variety of stakeholders witness the OECD's commitment to advance equal societies and competitive economies in the MENA region. I am sure we all agree that, in time of crisis, multilateral and multi- stakeholders co-operation is more important than ever, and I welcome and express my gratitude to the AIWF and its Chair Mrs Haifa Al Kaylani for this tireless engagement."

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