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“We are pleased to demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility within the region by partnering with AIWF in its initiatives aimed at helping women realise their potential in private sector employment, entrepreneurship, investment and growing their businesses, both for personal success and as a contribution to the economic growth of their countries.”

-Eileen Taylor, Global Head of Diversity, Deutsche Bank

AIWF NEWS, February 2010

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AIWF Get-Together Reception

June 20, 2015



The Arab International Women’s Forum was delighted to welcome AIWF Partners, Board Members, Jordan Chapter Members and distinguished guests to an evening Get-Together and Reception kindly hosted by the Kempinski Hotel in Amman, Jordan on the eve of a joint conference with The International Bar Association on  ” Jordanian Women in Legal professions: challenges and opportunities”

Guests were welcomed by Mrs Haifa Al Kaylani, AIWF Founder Chairman and Mrs Raghda Kurdi, AIWF Board Member. 

In her welcoming address, Mrs Al Kaylani expressed her deep thanks and appreciation to the The Kempinski Hotel for kindly hosting the reception and extended her special thanks to Mrs Maissoun Sarraf, valued AIWF member and friend for her kind invitation to host the Get Together at The Kempinski and generous hospitality on this special occasion. 

Mrs Al Kaylani went on to say that the joint conference with the International Bar Association/Legal Practice Division forms an important part of the AIWF Programme for 2015 and beyond and as part of AIWF’s continued mission to connect and empower women in the Arab world in all sectors, saying “AIWF is pleased to partner with the International Bar Association and the Arab Women’s Legal Network on an important Initiative for Women Business Lawyers to assist women in commercial law in the Arab region.” 

The AIWF Chairman went on to say that this conference will take forward the empowerment of women in commercial law throughout the Arab region starting with Jordan by increasing their knowledge of international standards and practice. 

The Get-Together provided an opportunity for the AIWF Chairman to update Jordan Members on the AIWF 2015 Programme. 

In concluding her address, Mrs Haifa Al Kaylani said, ‘Girls and women must be at the heart of sustainable development and when we prioritise their health, rights, and wellbeing everybody stands to win. Improving their lives is the foundation for building vibrant, healthy and prosperous families, economies, and societies. AIWF is committed to working with all our partners and with you all to ensure that girls and women remain at the centre of development efforts in the Arab world and globally.’

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