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“The fact that women continue to trail men in formal labour force participation, access to credit, entrepreneurship rates, and in the income they generate is not only not fair, it is also not smart economics”

-Mr Robert Zoellick, President The World Bank

AIWF Conference, Washington DC, USA , June 2008

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AIWF Webinar | Recovering from the Dual Shock of COVID-19 and the Oil Price Drop & Workforce of the Future: Competing Forces Shaping 2030

September 23, 2020

AIWF's Founder & Chairman, Haifa Al Kaylani, chaired and introduced AIWF's fourth webinar in the AIWF Webinar Series 2020, held on 23 September in valued collaboration with PwC, AIWF Global Partner, titled 'Recovering from the Dual Shock of COVID-19 and the Oil Price Drop' & 'Workforce of the Future: Competing Forces Shaping 2030'.

We all greatly enjoyed the insightful and deeply engaging insights from Dr Yahya Anouti, Partner at Strategy&, on the dual 'wake-up call' of COVID-19 and the oil price drop in the region, as well as the sound presentation of Carol Stubbings, Global Tax and Legal Services Leader for PwC, on how businesses can meet future of work challenges by leveraging reskilling, upskilling and transformative digitisation strategies. Carol also addressed the need for more focus on women's entrepreneurship and girls in STEM education, key priorities for the MENA which lie at the heart of AIWF's mission.

AIWF conveys its special appreciation to Hani Ashkar, AIWF Board Member and Territory Senior Partner, PwC Middle East, for expertly moderating a dynamic discussion that was truly representative of PwC's unparalleled thought leadership in these critical areas of economic concern. To view the recording of the session, please visit